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aiken personal stylist


It is my goal to show you that personal styling is so much more than a shopping spree. As a Certified Image Consultant and Personal Stylist, creating outfits is just the beginning. I'm here to cultivate your confidence.

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Personal styling should be just that, personal. Each styling service begins with defining your style, both your current style and desired style.  We will create looks that work with your body type, not against it. Together, we'll design a plan for a wardrobe that will come together to give you a cohesive, consistent and confident look.

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I started right for the ruffled-sleeved peasanty stuff and then froze and thought WWCS (What Would Camille Say). I shopped with purpose...and my stress level went way down thinking about what was right for me, what I needed and could coordinate, and it made my shopping experience much more enjoyable. Thank you so much Camille- I am on my way to discovering the right look for me!
— Cindy
Camille worked with me to transform my wardrobe. She went through each piece in my closet, came up with a detailed and personalized shopping list and created outfits that I actually get excited to wear.
— Kim